On Site & Virtual Training

Since every organization is unique, my philosophy is simple…

…to be your faithful advisor and provide your organization with the knowledge, tools and expertise needed to change your approach so you master philanthropy. Whether you choose On-Site or Virtual Consulting, I will work with you – at your site or remotely – to skillfully create and implement your roadmap for success.

To get the results you desire, I will…

  • Assess where you are now – and take a tiered approach to get you to your end goal
  • Create your roadmap – and outline your highway to success. Together, we will define concise goals, action steps, timelines and benchmark our success
  • Help you close the gap between strategy and implementation to ensure long term sustainable success

With my assistance you can expect to:

  • Understand your organization’s strengths
  • Implement a plan where your board, staff and investors utilize opportunities to enhance your organization
  • Ensure consistently thriving and sustainable revenue streams so you can solve major community issues
MP Consulting