Board Retreats

A board retreat is a prime opportunity for Board Members to come together…

…to strategize on a matter of importance without the normal Board business. Board retreats help build board and leadership staff relationships. Board retreats bring people together and help each one gain respect and trust in each other. The result is the creation of a strong team who can make effective decisions.

If you need a professional to facilitate your Board retreat or workshop, I am ready to help you achieve optimal results. I promise to inspire and engage your volunteers.

Board retreat agendas will be customized for your needs based on board and leadership staff results from an e-survey. Whether you need a half-day or full day session or a series of workshops, I will engage your organization in interactive activities to ensure high value from your retreat.

To get the results you desire, I will…

  • Inspire and engage your board to master philanthropy
  • Ensure your strategic plan is worthy of your investor’s support
  • Create your roadmap – and outline a highway to success
  • Help you define concise goals, action steps, timelines and benchmark our success
  • Enable you to close the gap between board engagement and philanthropy
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