Campaign Readiness Assessment

Is your organization talking about a possible comprehensive campaign?

Are you ready? Are you asking the right questions? Do you have the staff to raise the capital? What is your Board’s responsibility in a campaign? If these are some questions you are thinking about, I can help you assess your organization’s readiness to determine whether you need a costly feasibility study or whether you can run this campaign on your own.

Consult a professional to help guide you through a pre-campaign readiness assessment

I will help you determine whether your organization is ready, whether your case for support is worthy of investment and whether you will likely be successful.

Many questions need to be answered before you invest dollars in a feasibility study or you move forward on your own. Do you have accurate detailed estimates of costs? What is your image in you community? Do you have campaign leadership identified? Do you have wholehearted agreement among board members about the project? These and many other questions should be answered before you embark on a feasibility study or a comprehensive campaign?

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