No Strings Attached Unrestricted Giving
May 18, 2023

No Strings Attached Unrestricted Giving

Philanthropy is transforming. More and more supporters are embracing trust-based nonprofits. With this, a new era of giving has arrived!

When supporters consider making a gift to a nonprofit, they look to be reassured that their money will create an impact on the mission of the organization. If the organization's staff. rent, technology, equipment are not strong, the organization will not have an impact in the community. Think of it this way, if you buy a fancy, souped up car, but you don't have any roads to drive it or gas for the tank, it's not going to go very far.

Shifting away from restricted to unrestricted conversations with your supporters will increase revenue and strengthen your relationships and improve the impact you make. Unrestricted philanthropy provides:

  • Stability: Stability allows the organization to be ready to show up when the community needs them most. It tells everyone you are there for the long haul.
  • Longevity: Making a real impact takes time. The most successful nonprofits are the ones that build relationships, refine their practices and continually reimagine their work as needs and conditions evolve.
  • Retention & Recruitment - Nonprofits who have unrestricted funds can invest in and retain effective leaders and they can hire professional staff to get the work done. By making it easier for nonprofits to invest in talent, supporters show they value the work of the nonprofit.
  • Innovation. In a survey of 145 nonprofit leaders, 80% responded that innovation was urgent. However, only 40% felt equipped to meet it. This gap is worrisome. Nonprofit organizations like yours are tackling some of society's biggest challenges - is your organization prepared to evolve?
  • Trust. - Build relationships rooted in trust. Open lines of communication and create deeper collaboration with your supporters. Rather than telling your supporters what programs they can fund, reframe the conversation around what would make the greatest impact on your work and your mission. Utilize openness and respect to shift to a trust-based approach

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